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The 2000s

Amazing leaping catch by Francesco Scioscia, HHS 2014. (Okay, it was really over his head and an incomplete pass. But we can pretend.)
Photo Credit : Francesco Scioscia

The 1990s

Members of the 1990 HHS Varsity Baseball team. This was the last year that HHS Baseball was played at Reynolds Field before moving to The Burke Estate. Photo includes a future Hastings Trustee
Photo Credit : Rich Lovejoy

The 1980s

Twirlers and Hudsonettes at an HHS Varsity Football game in the 1980's
Photo Credit : Gordon Solovey and Taylor Montgomery

The 1970s

Yes, this shows HHS Varsity Quarterback, Joe Capuano, throwing a pass. But anyone who grew up in Hastings during the 2nd half of the 20th century will appreciate the real significance of this photo; Hastings' biggest legend watching from along the sideline
Photo Credit : Gordon Solovey and Taylor Montgomery

The 1960s

Hastings Rams Football game at Reynolds Field
Photo Credit : Paul Edelman

The 1950s

Hastings High School Varsity Baseball Team in 1959
Photo Credit : Yearbook Photo